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​My old, Award winning cover

Penniless Hearts

Amazing book about mindfulness for kids. Contains several poems I wrote especially for this edition. 

Becoming Moon
The Fifth Commandment

Creative Writing

Eve Gaal

Big Life Journal for Kids
Open Doors

Kindle eBook

A Bridge of Shadow
Once Upon a Broken Dream

Kindle ebook

Theories of Her
The Happy War

A true honor, author Craig Hart invited me to write the introduction for the Anniversary Edition of his novel Becoming Moon. If you’ve ever experienced the struggles of being a writer, you’ll love his book and hopefully my introduction too.




Translations and Large Print versions are available too.

They make great gifts for friends who prefer reading in Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.

 The Fifth Commandment

Spanish: https://www.nextchapter.pub/espanol/el-quinto-mandamiento

Portuguese: https://www.nextchapter.pub/portugues/o-quinto-mandamento

New edition: http://mybook.to/fifthcommandmentpkb



Penniless Hearts

New paperback edition: http://mybook.to/pennilessheartspb

Large Print edition: http://mybook.to/pennilessheartslp



Italian: https://www.nextchapter.pub/italiano/pennyless-hearts-cuori-alla-ricerca-di-penny  


Penniless Souls


Large print edition: http://mybook.to/pennilesssoulslp